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An optimized business that operates on the sole belief of providing a better lifestyle through good products

BUSINESS  – Discover the products
to enhance your business

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About Us

SMAVT is an international trading company expert in investment for 25 years, for years acquired in researched and developed business in Vietnam, we see the potential of the market as well as understanding the market to success.  

SMAVT provides a variety lines of products and services, we see the potential of beauty industry is more and more business in as such via cosmetics through a platform of high-standard beauty care products for local and essential values to mutual prosperous development with our partners.


Genuine Business & Persistence on Quality

Core Values


Connect People

We create connections that goes beyond suppliers & customers.


Commitment in Long-term

We will add value into our business and improve customer satisfaction.


Quality Product & Service

Guarantee product quality in the way we select brand.




Aim to achieve targets and to satisfy customers beauty needs

At SMAVT, we create connections that goes beyond suppliers & customers, we believe in the power of connection thus we also aim to provide a network of connection between partners and partners. Our products and service that can enhance our product and service by expand our business brand and approach to a broad scale of customers. SMAVT aims to bring the products and services of our partners’ to a higher level. The better the goods and services are, the higher the customer royalty, as well as brand awareness increase. We provide all training materials and sale tools for partners’ staff.

Create personal care routine for a lifestyle

We built a community where people can share their experiences and stories with one purpose TO GLOW BETTER, TO BE A GLOW GETTER, to beautiful from inside out. No one would know you better than yourself. We encourage glow getters to learn from people’s experience and professional knowledge, understand what she/he needs, then to develop a customized personal care routine, and even further more her/his own lifestyle.





Professional advices are always reliable.

Expertise advices from science research and studies, to help people to understand various aspects of a product; from ingredients origin, proper use method to optimizing products function and incorporate products into their skincare daily routine. The selective and collective of ideal skin care routine, the feature of new ingredient that nourish your skin will be share in a friendly materials that even the beginners can easily understand. Especially, SMAVT also provide various solutions to our partners though event and training courses presenting by experts in fields in order to improve the products and services in partners’ stores, in turns, the growth in their business.


Together we will add value into our business and improve customer satisfaction.
Long-term and valuable Partnership

Attractive rebate and bonus

We offer a good reward to boost up motivation of staffs to increase productivity, in order to strengthen customer services.

Product Innovation

We carefully select brand & product that can comply high standard and market needs. Moreover, we always collect feedbacks from partners to improve product variety and we customized products to meet partner’s demand.

Practical Post-sale Service

An online platform for partners and customer to get more information at any time. Also, the off-line event will be organize to connect our community.

Display contract

We support to provide a product with zero cost.


Guarantee product quality in the way we select brand
Service delivery to your door
Product Effectiveness in the way we measure

It is a time to grow with SMAVT, with Glow Better.
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Step in the Beauty concept of SMAVT – Flora’s Vanity, it’s time to prioritize yourself and let’s glow together.