SMAVT create a healthy skincare routine with significant impact on almost every skin.  

MIROKAL is a Canadian brand, launched in 2012, it is comprised of a professional cosmetic business family that has a long history of rich refined research and product development experiences. They have created and built up an exceptional quality skincare and cosmetics brand. MIROKAL: Good taste starts with skin care, because everlasting beauty begins with exceptional skincare.

MIROKI with the belief in mind that every individual’s life is ultimately unique and one of a kind making it a wondrous miracle. 

MIROKAL is pronounced as mir•a•cle [mir-i-kel], with aim to create desirable yet affordable luxurious products in beauty and cosmetics for customers in spirit of creating miracles. 

Lena Dale which is from Taiwan is formerly an essential oil and raw materials company in Cannes. It is the Asian general agent of the three major essential oil companies that is Vman and the main driver within Asian essential oil market.

With the concept of organic, natural and healthy, Lena Dale has tried hard and persisted the works for three years. Since 2005, it has begun to launch a series of skin care products with exclusive and organic characteristics.

In the past 16 years, many international companies and brands have established because of using Lena Dale’s professional research ability. Furthermore, Lena Dale also is praised for the pioneer of organic skin care products. Due to the advanced products, SOLABIA, and MIBELLE all valued its power and signed the mutual beneficial agreement with Lena Dale.

Founded in 2005, adopts Taiwan herbs as the theme which integrates with oriental philosophy of keeping good health, and ideal of caring for both human and the environment. YUAN business started  from hand-made Taiwan herbal soap. Through the implementation of biotechnology combining herbal essence and high-grade essential oil, further developed cleaning and skincare products for body, face, mouth, pets, housework…etc.

In order not to cause harm to human body and pollution to the environment, YUAN’s handmade soap adopts natural herbal ingredients and simple packaging. Within just two or three years, YUAN’s products have caused great social repercussions, proving that the LOHAS wellness concept has become an inevitable trend. In addition, products with high quality and simple packaging can better respond to modern people’s pursuit of physical and mental purity.

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