No matter what your skin type, a regular routine can help keep your skin healthy and happy. It doesn’t take long either – just five minutes of TLC every day really does work wonders. Read our top tips for an easy daily routine below.


Cleanse: Depending on your skin type, use a cream or wash-off cleanser to remove any excess product from the night before and refresh the skin for the day ahead. Remove with a warm flannel to gently exfoliate and remove any flaky skin.

Serum: If your face is feeling a little tight or dry you may want to use a small amount of serum to hydrate the skin and help plump it.

Eye care: Now use your ring finger to gently tap a light eye cream around the eye area. Try a gel formula for a cool and refreshing treat on sleepy eyes.

Moisturize: Finally, use a lightweight day cream with an SPF to protect from harmful UV rays (wait at least 10 minutes before applying make-up so the cream can absorb). For oily or combination skin, choose a mattifying formula that controls excess oil. This will help your make-up stay in place and prevent shine.


Refresh: A rehydrating facial spritz can help to moisturize dry or dull skin that may have been affected by pesky air-conditioning or the elements. A pure water spray can be sprayed directly into the eyes to refresh them too.

Before bed

Double cleanse: After a long day wearing make-up it’s essential to cleanse twice – once to remove the make-up and dirt, and second to make sure it’s squeaky clean before applying moisturizer. Dr. Anna Persaud, CEO of This Works, stresses the importance of cleansing: “During the day we amass a build-up of sebum, make-up and pollutants on our skin, which can lead to problems if not removed.” Make-up left on the skin can also cause acne, so a good facial cleanser is a must.

To help cleanse further, use a warm flannel or an exfoliating brush.

Treat: Depending on your skin type, now is the perfect time to use a serum (for dry skin) or treatment (for enlarged or blocked pores).

Moisturize: Finally, choose a heavier moisturizer for night time so it can work its magic while you sleep. Use a thicker eye cream to help with dryness or the appearance of wrinkles. Apply gently by tapping with your ring finger.

Lip balm: Treat your lips to a soothing balm before bed to prevent any flakiness.


Exfoliate: Regular exfoliation is key for clear, glowing skin as it removes the dead skin cells that cause blemishes and dullness. Be careful not to overdo it though as this can strip the natural oils – two to three times a week is plenty.

Mask it: Use a mask once a week to help balance out any skin problems. A clay mask will help to detox the skin, whereas a brightening mask helps to revive dullness.

Finally… choose the right products for you

Whether dry, oily, combination or anything in between, your skin is unique. As well as a regular skincare regime, don’t forget to choose products that work in harmony with your skin type and not against it – your complexion will thank you for it!